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Race Rules and Regulations

The PDF document below provides the rules and regulations that govern the sport of Rafting. Rules are decided by the Sport and Competition Committee (S&C Com) under the authority of Chapter V of the Bylaws of the International Rafting Federation (IRF).

Race Rules are created to ensure fair play - a universally understood concept which underpins
all of sport. Without fairness, sport is devoid of any meaning or purpose. Race Rules are also
created to encourage good sportsmanship concepts such as respect, equality, integrity,
tolerance and excellence.


Should any Rule in this document appear to conflict with another Rule, or appear to be unclear
in its meaning, the clause above shall be used to determine the Rule’s basic intent.



a. The Race Rules represent the ultimate authority in regulating how IRF Competitions shall be
b. No IRF Official, Event Organiser, or other Event Official can unilaterally supersede this authority.

c.Race Rules may be altered only by the S&C Com or in rare cases by a special session of the
IRF Board of Directors.